Scientific Communication Skills for Pre-Doctoral Trainees
Scientific Communication Skills for Pre-Doctoral Trainees

A key factor for success in science is the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly utilizing language appropriate to the audience.  NIH has defined communication competency as the ability to “communicate clinical and translational research findings to different groups of individuals, including colleagues, students, the lay public and the media.” A scientist’s career will “soar” or “sink” based on their ability to communicate their science through oral and written communication channels.  This workshop, recorded at Translational Science 2019, focuses on oral presentation skills and through brief presentations and utilization of tools provides critical information to:

  1. Understand the professional VALUE of oral presentations
  2. Identify WHO your audience is
  3. Identify WHAT is the relevant information that they need to hear
  4. Identify WHY this audience need to know this
  5. Give an effective presentation


  1. Stephen C. Ekker, Mayo Clinic
  2. Becca Gas, Mayo Clinic
  3. Anthony Windebank, Mayo Clinic
  4. Moderator: Karen Weavers, Mayo Clinic