Webinar - Mount Sinai Health Hackathon: A Model of Experiential Team Science
Webinar - Mount Sinai Health Hackathon: A Model of Experiential Team Science

Date Presented: 

November 21, 2019


Launched in 2016 and now in it’s fourth year, the Mount Sinai Health Hackathon offers an innovative and novel model for team science education and entrepreneurship. Borrowing this format from the technology world, the Health Hackathon brings together individuals to form interdisciplinary teams with the aim of creating an innovative technology to solve a current problem in medical science or healthcare. This forum taps into the notion of “citizen science” and integrates diverse capabilities and domain expertise of front-line clinical providers, with insight into clinical phenotypes and care delivery challenges, with individuals reflective of wide-range of disciplines including basic science, engineering, programming, product design and business.

From an organizers perspective, the Health Hackathon aims to bring participants together in transdisciplinary teams around a shared problem, fostering experiential learning through communication, collaboration and problem-solving. It aims to cultivate an environment for participants to develop the skills and knowledge for creating technology that addresses the needs and unique challenges of the healthcare environment, and to promote healthcare innovation and an entrepreneurial ecosystem at Mount Sinai and beyond.

In this webinar session, we aim to provide you with an overview of the Mount Sinai Health Hackathon experience by showcasing the vision, mission, outcomes and impact of this novel initiative. We will describe the planning involved to create a highly successful Health Hackathon, the content and format of the event, as well as outcome measures and evaluation tools we have utilized to measure the impact on team science. Our goal is to provide a new way to think about fostering team science, provide you with Health Hackathon best practices to consider, and inspire you to develop similar models of fostering team science education while promoting entrepreneurship.


Janice Gabrilove, MD, FASP and Layla Fattah, MPharm, MEd